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Your employees don’t have to bounce between tabs to manage their time and to-dos again. They can work seamlessly inside Trello project management tool or’s desktop app. With our Trello integration, they can stay efficient and focus on what matters because works where they do.

Basecamp integration for time tracking and project management

Trello task management

Easily see what Trello to-dos are taking up most of your time with Analyze the data and distribute tasks accordingly. Create more accurate project estimates so you can start meeting your deadlines, every time.

Monitor productivity

With comparisons, idle time, and engagement percentages, track and measure your employees' productivity while working on Trello to-dos. Get various viewpoints on productivity based on hours worked, earnings, and activity rates. Use data to ensure they’re working efficiently week to week or month to month. Easily identify bottlenecks if you notice any drastic changes.

Import projects with basecamp integration
project budgeting with basecamp integration

New insight into your projects

Manage your projects and employees’ time all in one place. Set project budgets and individual billing rates so you’re always aware of how much of your budget you’re using. And with project summary, quickly see what projects are taking up most of your time. Or your employees can also track their time directly inside Trello so you can easily see exactly what they’re spending most of their time on.

Easy-to-use time tracking

Your employees can conveniently track their time with our Trello time tracking integration. Available on Windows, iOS, and Linux, easily let them track their time the way they want via desktop app or inside Trello. Plus they can painlessly switch between tasks or start the timer with only one click.

Import projects with basecamp integration


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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented.Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!

Ronald Kluger



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