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Keep track of your employees’ time and manage your Podio projects with Track.ly.

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Track.ly keeps track of your employees’ time so you can focus on successfully meeting your Podio project deadlines every time.

Easy-to-use integration

Easy-to-use integration

Authenticate access and import some or all of your Podio projects and tasks into Track.ly with ease. And with our Podio integration, let your employees start tracking their time spent on projects effortlessly.

Seamless time and project management

Manage your projects in the exact place your employees’ are tracking their time. Get comprehensive details into your project, its budget and hours spent working on Podio projects with Track.ly.

time and project management
Monitor and measure productivity

Monitor and measure productivity

Help your employees better manage their time and improve their workflow with Track.ly. Our comparison metrics lets them compare their hours worked, earnings, and activity rates week-by-week. And our detailed task tracking lets them measure how long they’ve spent working on individual tasks.

Painless time tracking

Our Podio time tracking software integration makes time tracking stress-free for everyone. Your employees can track their time with only one click. And you can view timesheets, project details, attendance, and payroll at-a-glance.

Painless time tracking


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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented.Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!

Ronald Kluger



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