Jira Time Tracking Integration

Always know how long team members spend working on different issues in Jira, without chasing down multiple inaccurate spreadsheets.

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Don’t let employees break their workflow by switching through apps to track their time. With Track.ly, they can track their time spent working on issues without leaving Jira.

Jira time tracking integration to track time spent on issues

Track time spent on issues directly in the app

Let your team members track their time the way they work, where they work. With Track.ly, they can track their time spent on individual issues in Jira. Always know what issues are taking up the most time and money.

Keep projects profitable

Minimizing resource usage while maintaining quality is an easy way to ensure your projects stay profitable. But when you’re using too much of your most valuable resource - time, you start losing money. By setting a project budget and tracking your team’s time spent working on Jira projects, you’ll know which are making you money and which are costing it.

Project budgeting with jira integration
Project management with jira integration

Overview of project details

See at-a-glance where your Jira issues stand. With our time tracking software integration, you’ll get a comparative description of the hours your employees spent tracking their issues and how much it cost. Plus, you’ll also see your project’s deadline, team members working on the project, their individual billing rate and more.


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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented.Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!

Ronald Kluger



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