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A robust work hours tracker packed with features, Track lets you easily manage payroll, timesheets, employees, projects, and more.

Powerful Time Tracking Solution

Stay informed and keep your team ahead of schedule with powerful time tracking, employee monitoring, and payroll management tools -- all with one work hours tracker app.


Essential features to help you take your business to the entire new level by increasing team productivity.

Go Beyond Time Tracking to Drive Growth

  • Accurately plan and manage projects with ease.

  • Keep team members on track with remote monitoring.

  • Quickly create schedules and manage payroll on the go.

  • Reduce HR workload and boost productivity and performance.

Activity tracking

Simple Time Tracking

Keep track of every hour, whether your team is in the office or across the globe. With one click, Track.ly’s work hours tracker goes to work, counting hours in the background, keeping you informed without interrupting the workflow of your employees.



Install quickly on Windows, Mac or Linux and simply click to start tracking time automatically. Reliable and accurate time tracking.

Reliable reminders

Reliable Reminders

Receive automatic reminders to start tracking time, helping you improve productivity and increase timesheet accuracy with your work hours tracker.

activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Track and measure activity levels to determine level of engagement for each hour worked. Compare to previous hours worked to maximize productivity.

Work offline

Work Offline

Add manual time for offline work or time not tracked automatically on they work hours tracker. Include a note to explain offline work.

Online Timesheets

Optimize your teams’ workflows with accurate online timesheets that provide detailed information at a glance. Better work hours tracker software reports help you enhance time management, project management, and employee performance.



View timesheet data by date, project or team member to see who is working on which specific projects with the work hours tracker software.

detailed data

Detailed Data

Click on specific dates to view session-by-session detailed data and determine the start and end of each session for all time tracked.

manual Entry

Manual Entry

Include all hours within your online timesheets including all tracked time and manually added time. Ensure all timesheets are completely accurate.


Export Timesheets

Export timesheets to XLS to share, print or store in one click. Filter by date, project or team member and export a full breakdown of all time worked.

Employee Monitoring

Manage your team from anywhere in the world. Give your employees more autonomy. Boost productivity with data from your work hours tracker that helps you identify problem areas and employees that are costing you time and money.

engagement tracking

Engagement Tracking

Follow engagement by measuring keyboard strokes and mouse activity. Know how engaged your employees are during any given period of time.



Capture screenshots of employees’ screens on the work hours tracker at intervals designated by you so you always know that your employees are working.

location tracking

Location Tracking

Track your employees’ locations while Track.ly is enabled so you know where they are. Set perimeters for job site clocking in and out.

App and URL tracking

App & URL Tracking

View the apps and URLs visited by your employees while their work hours tracker is running and know that they are actually working on required tasks.

Project Budgeting

Have much more control of your project budgets with expense tracking and online payroll capabilities. Make better budgeting decisions and improve your bottom line with automatically accrued work and cost data with your work hours tracker.

Automatic data collection

Automatic Data Collection

Collect data about hours worked, cost and engagement levels automatically to budget for future projects based on actual data, not estimates.

Spending limits

Spending Limits

Set maximum spending for each project and each contractor so you have better control over your project expenses allowing you to stay within budget.

Work report summaries

Work Report Summaries

Receive work report summaries in your inbox daily, weekly or monthly and tweak budget forecasts accordingly. Always know where your budget stands.

Online payroll

Online Payroll

Pay freelancers and employees directly from your work hours tracker to streamline your payroll processes. Ensure accurate and speedy payments.

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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented. Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!


Thank you Ronnie for your prompt support today with my email issue. Using Agile CRM has been a very pleasant experience and the product is top notch. I recommend A++.

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