Most small businesses want scheduling software that’s affordable, includes mobile apps and is right for their business. That means they want employee scheduling apps that can scale with their business and that has all the right features for the collaboration and productivity they require.  This article will help you choose employee scheduling software wisely and enhance productivity by considering the features of the employee scheduling app that will delight you. Our top list provides a solution for every kind of business at any stage in growth.  

Here are the features of employee scheduling apps that you should consider in order to see if the employee scheduling app is right for you. It should: create schedules for your employees, increase accountability, provide in-depth attendance reports, update schedules with ease, and give at-a-glance shift reports. Most of the solutions that we list can do all this, but one, in particular, stands out among the rest, and that’s 

Check out the best five employee scheduling apps to buy for your business. You’ll see that our list of these top examples of an excellent employee scheduling app includes features that you will find most helpful and satisfying as you seek to bring your scheduling practice into the modern era. Using any one of these solutions you can cover employee shifts through staff scheduling software with attendance trackers, team schedules, and even GPS tracking. 

Solution #1

You can boost team productivity with automatic time tracking software, online timesheets, activity screenshots, project budgeting, payroll integration and more. features time tracking, activity monitoring (with screenshots), timesheets, earnings calculations, reporting, integrations, and more. It’s pricing starts from $10 per month to $7.50 per month on an annual plan. The app is designed and distributed for Windows, macOS, Linus, and Chrome by 500apps. You can use this app to increase your productivity and efficiency throughout your organization, regardless of size. 

Solution #2 Hubstaff

With Hubstaff, you can spend less time tracking and more time growing. That’s because Hubstaff makes it easy to manage employee productivity through a combination of tracking, timesheets and more. In particular, it features time tracking, GPS tracking, productivity analysis, timesheets, and several other features. Pricing starts from $0 up to $20 per month for the most advanced software capabilities. This app is a great choice if you are a small to medium-sized company that wants flexibility and capability in one. 

Solution #3  TSHEETS

Through TSHEETS, you can track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and reduce manual data entry. The features of the app include time tracking, scheduling, reporting, GPS tracking, time clock, quickbooks, and more. Pricing for TSHEETS starts at $8 per month up to $10 for pro-level access. 

Solution #4 Deputy

Deputy is not just a scheduling solution. With Deputy, you can finally schedule staff in minutes, simplify timesheets, and connect your teams from any device, for any business. Among its complex offerings, scheduling software, time tracking software, integrations, and more are included. It also features customized pricing for customized plans starting at just $2.50 per month. 

Solution #5 Shiftboard

Transform your business with employee rostering software. Shiftboard is a solution for some businesses that deal with a large influx of applicants as well as employees with shifting time and attendance. Among its features, the app includes scheduling capabilities, time tracking, attendance tracking, integrations, security updates, and starts at just $3 per month. 


By now, you have read about the many great options that you can choose to bring your scheduling at your organization into a new technological future. You’ll also notice that is a smart choice for many small, large, and enterprise businesses who want to increase their productivity while maximizing organizational efficiency that leads to greater profits and higher rates of satisfaction among employees and leaders. 500apps built the app,, to rise excellently to the occasion of tracking shifts and keeping time for everyone at your organization. It can also provide insight to decision-makers and stakeholders in your company while also being flexible enough to integrate with your existing software.


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