An employee management system is a centralized platform that includes software to streamline and organize the management of your team. This can be a collection of several different workforce management and productivity tools, such as employee scheduling, or an all-in-one option.

There are many benefits to implementing such a system or collection of apps. Some of these are the ability to track your time or your employees’ time, employee scheduling, managing projects, scheduling meetings and appointments, customer relationship management, and more.
Here are 5 reasons why you should implement some or all of the software that make up an employee management system:

1. Automated timesheet

Long gone are the days of filling out spreadsheets or handwritten timesheets. Very seldom are there organizations that will still go by the honor system as well, for many reasons.

Online timesheets, especially those with automated assistance for your employees to fill out their timesheets, are very effective and can help with many different parts of running your business, such as:

  • Employee scheduling assistance.
  • Documenting time worked daily for all employees.
  • Billing clients accurately and efficiently.
  • Determining workload shifts in the event there are too many or too few resources on particular projects.
  • Increase efficiency by gaining insight into project work and employee workloads.
  • Streamline HR processes by having employees be able to enter time worked and submit for payroll disbursement.
  • Track costs for particular projects and departments to aid in future hiring decisions and resource divisions.

Timesheets can be tedious and can cause employees to question management’s rationale behind them. Giving employees the reason behind timesheets and a much easier process to fill them out, will help a great deal.

2. Time management
With effective employee management tools such as project management software, you will be able to assign and track tasks. With the addition of time tracking tools, you will gain insight into how your employees are able to manage their time, who is effective at it, who needs help and where you should spend your time mentoring your employees.

Time tracking software can be customized so time can be tracked for each specific project or task. This can give you insight into which projects require more resources or extensions in deadlines.

Time worked within the time tracking software can also be compared to the tasks assigned within the project management software to determine if employees are using their time efficiently and help determine employee scheduling conflicts.
Helping your employees manage their time more efficiently will also help them in the long run, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction.

3. Transparency
Utilizing employee management tools can help you provide transparency throughout your team and your organization. Specific collaboration tools such as project management software will keep all of your project tasks together, plus show who was assigned to them and if they are delivered on time.

Having a place where all of the relevant documents can be stored is also helpful, as is the ability to share files and discuss them from the same tool. Specific project management tools can provide this type of transparency, keeping everyone well-informed and accountable for their tasks.

Transparency in an organization helps management and their employees trust each other and minimizes the need for micromanagement.

4. Schedule employee shifts
Another employee management software that could come into play in order to help your organization and justify implementing such a system, is scheduling software.

With the ability to provide easy employee scheduling and easily track attendance, scheduling software can help boost your efficiency as an organization. You would also be able to use such software to schedule meetings internally or with clients or customers, also boosting efficiency.

Easily scheduling shifts and making them visible to appropriate employees will help everyone apprised of all work shift schedules and make employee scheduling a breeze.

5. Added integrations
The most effective employee management systems include the ability to integrate with your existing software or software of your choosing. Examples include:

  • Integrating your time tracking software with payroll software will help you streamline all of your payroll functions or with your chosen project management software to track your hours directly with your project details.
  • Integrating your scheduling software with payment gateway software can enable you to receive payments right from the app for appointments and services.
  • Integrating your time tracking software with project management software will make your project billing much more accurate and save time eliminating the need for inputting information more than once.
  • Integrating your scheduling software with Google Calendar can help you keep all of your meetings and appointments in one place.

Integrating your employee management tools with other productivity software will help you and your employees spend less time going back and forth between different software applications.

Investing in an affordable all-in-one suite of apps will give you all of the benefits of an employee management system and complete control over which software you decide to include in your system. 500apps is an all-in-one suite of apps that will enhance your team’s productivity and allow you to have the choice between paying for just the apps you need or the Infinity Suite that includes all of the apps. Some of the apps that would enhance your productivity and justify implementing an employee management system include:

  • – WIth its automated time tracking, online timesheets, activity screenshots, and payroll integration, it will help boost your team’s productivity.
  • – You can streamline your project management and align your teams with this online, centralized system allowing for increased collaboration, efficiency and revenue growth.
  • – An online appointment scheduling software with an AI Assistant to schedule appointments for you and handle your employee scheduling too.

Implementing a web-based employee management system of any kind will help you and your organization be more efficient with your time, minimizing the need for tedious and repetitive administrative tasks. This can mean the difference between hiring additional employees or simply having a system that makes it easier for you to do it yourself.

The 5 reasons mentioned above are just some of the reasons why an employee management system such as this could help you. If you are interested in trying the 500apps tracking system, try it free for 30 days or visit 500apps to find out more about the whole suite.


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