Basecamp Time Tracking Integration

Track time spent working on assigned to-dos directly in Basecamp 2. With our time tracking software, get the in-depth data you need about what tasks are taking up the most time.

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Your employees are working hard on completing projects and checking off their to-dos in Basecamp. So, they shouldn’t have to disrupt their workflow by switching through tabs to track their time. With, they can track their time spent working on different to-dos directly in Basecamp.

Basecamp integration for time tracking and project management

Track time spent on individual to-dos, within the app

With’s Chrome extension, track the time spent working on individual to-dos without leaving Basecamp. Just press the Start icon next to the to-do you’re working on and the Stop icon when shifting gears. It’s just that simple. Your time tracking software should work where your employees do, not the other way around.

Import your projects and to-dos

Sync your projects and tasks to monitor your team’s activity levels, view their timesheet, calculate their earning, and more, all in one place. Your team’s workflow won’t stop again - increase their efficiency with

Import projects with basecamp integration
project budgeting with basecamp integration

Easily see what projects are profitable

Creating project budgets and not going over is the key to them being profitable. But misunderstandings and underestimating the project’s needs can result in consistently going over budget. By importing your projects from Basecamp, creating a budget, and assigning billing rates to your team members, you can ensure that the time spent working on projects isn’t taking up more time than it’s worth.


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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented.Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!

Ronald Kluger



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